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Christopher T. Rogers founded R Toe Rings in 2002.

Chris’ unique inspiration came from a visit to Hawaii.  There he was first introduced to the fashionable jewelry for men and women called “toe rings”.  It became a passion with him.  It was fun and it was a no pressure sales atmosphere.  With his passion for living, his creative nature and his dynamic salesmanship personality, he began his quest to learn all he could about the industry and develop his own toe ring business.


Upon returning to the mainland he made a quick trip to Oregon to share his dream with his parents.  Thus the birth of R Toe Rings.  With Chris’ extensive managerial experience in retail sales and operation, and the help of his mother and step-dad, Barbara and Roger Ingram several retail sites were developed in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Chris did not live to see his business become a leader in the Toe Ring industry.  He passed away on June 8, 2004 with a massive heart attack at the age of 29 ½ years.

Roger and Barbara have over 20 years in the retail industry and over 30 years in other businesses.  The passion lives on, however, in Barbara and Roger operating the business. Thus the operation of making a difference in the fashion world one toe at a time lives on.  Today RToeRings.com has turned the reins over to Vicki Lombard to continue on with our tradition of quality, fashion, beauty, and comfort. Although the business name will change to Sugarfoot Toe Rings, the high standards of RToeRings customer service will remain.  

To provide high-quality, artistically created, fashionable, comfortable foot jewelry for our customers.

To be an E-commerce and retail leader, constantly striving for excellence by satisfying our customers with quality products and service.  We will continue to demonstrate care and concern for our employees, suppliers and customers while maintaining profitability and growth.

Making a difference toe by toe, one customer at a time!

R Toe Rings is a family owned and operated business.  We believe “8 fingers and 2 thumbs” is not enough for people who love fine jewelry.  They need toe rings.  All our toe rings are ultra-comfortable, created especially for the toe.  They are made of the finest metals, 14k yellow and white gold, 92.5 sterling silver, diamonds and CZ’s.  We believe we have a toe ring for every personality and desire.

Whether shopping in with us at fairs, festivals, home shows or in the convenience of your own home, our website and booths are a one-stop shopping experience for foot fashions and accessories. Don’t know your size? No problem!  Just let us know it is a gift, and we will send any purchase in a lovely box inside a jewelry drawstring pouch.  Doesn’t fit?  No challenge!  Send it back and indicate the correct size, we happily exchange.  No hassles, no questions asked.